Inside every journey there is a story. The mesas and beautiful blue skies of Northeastern, New Mexico is where Dino's begins.......

Born a 4th generation rancher, his family has spent nearly 150 years on the land that he calls home. In 1865 Dino's great grandfather immigrated from France, and eventually homesteaded the Cornay Ranch as we know it today.

Not remembering which came first, holding a pencil or riding horseback and working cattle with his father Carlos, Dino has always had a fascination with his

surroundings. By junior high he was known to the janitors for his daily drawings that appeared on the desktops. He'll tell you with a smile, "I felt like I'd arrived when they stopped cleaning them off every night." As the story goes.....after graduating high school it was off to college and a new chapter of his life. Four years later with pencil still in hand, and a degree from Kansas State University in animal science, his journey took him home.

Immersing himself into the working life of the family ranch and helping neighbors, is where Dino received some of his best education. "My days in the classroom had their place," he always say's, "but I'm fascinated by my everyday surroundings." His inspiration and attention to detail come from the people, horses, cattle and the land that he loves. Being steeped in ranching tradition and around cowboys his whole life, has allowed him to portray their way of life with real authenticity. Dino's philosphy, "you have to truely know and live the experiences." "Details and accuracy matter." "It's a sign of well deserved respect to tell their story, and it's my job to get it right."

When asked the question, why the pencil?, his reply. "Everyone can relate to the simplicity of a pencil, yet people are amazed when they see what can be done with one." "It's just awesome!"

So for you......sit back, relax and enjoy the journey by this ever so humbled storyteller.

Dino's life work is dedicated in honor of his beautiful daughter
Brooke and in memory of his beautiful daughter Stormy

Dino Cornay Art